Galy 01By Gal Yosef

Galy 01By Gal Yosef

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    Galy 01 gallery*

    *All images of Galy 01 on this site are real photos/videos of the physical beta version. The final edition that collectors will receive may have some light fine tunings decided by Gal.

    Ordering Galy 01

    The numbered limited edition of 500 Galy 01 should be ready to be sold and shipped to collectors by May-June 2024.
    Meanwhile, there will be a partial pre-sale. The price of Galy 01 on the site is planned to be 750 US$ + shipping cost + local taxes at destination, if any; these details may be updated.

    You can register here to be a pre-sale candidate. Among all the candidates for the pre-sale, we will contact the collectors who can pre-buy and give them relevant instructions on how to proceed.

    Only one Galy 01 per collector can be ordered on the site.

    Please read well the Term & Conditions being candidate to Pre-Buy your Galy.

    Candidacy to Pre-Buy

    Candidacy Registration for pre-buy

      The registration is not a confirmation that Galy 01 was ordered. This registration is a candidacy to pre-buy, and we will contact candidates in the coming weeks who can pre-buy Galy 01 out of all the candidates who registered.

      What is 7 + 8 ?


      This Q&A section is subject to updates and enhancements, so we encourage you to revisit it in the future for the latest information.

      About Galy 01

      Is Galy 01 a digital/virtual or a physical collectible?

      Galy 01 is a tangible, physical collectible standing 12 inches (30 cm) tall, primarily crafted from PVC. It is a limited edition of 500 units.

      Will the collectibles be individually numbered?

      Yes, each of the 500 limited edition Galy 01 collectibles will be uniquely numbered.

      Pre-Purchase Queries

      Does expressing interest in pre-purchasing Galy 01 obligate me to buy?

      No, being a candidate in pre-purchasing and expressing interest does not bind you to purchase. Selected candidates will be extended an offer to pre-buy, which they can accept or decline at their discretion

      How long will it take to find out if I can pre-purchase Galy 01?

      Candidates will be informed within a few weeks, potentially up to the sales launch date, about their eligibility to pre-purchase.

      When will the sale commence?

      The sale is scheduled for May or June 2024. Pre-registered candidates may have the opportunity to pre-purchase ahead of this official sale.

      Will all interested candidates be able to pre-purchase Galy 01?

      Only those candidates who receive a confirmation message will be eligible to pre-purchase among all applicants.

      For successful purchasers, when will Galy 01 be dispatched?

      Dispatch for purchased Galy 01 collectibles is planned for May or June 2024, this estimation may be lightly updated.

      How will eligible pre-purchase candidates be notified?

      Notification will be sent via email to those candidates eligible to pre-purchase.

      Purchase Details

      Is this website the only existing way for pre-purchasing Galy 01?

      Pre-purchase opportunities may be proposed by other channels. We may communicate through social media if it is estimated that it is relevant.

      How many Galy 01 units are available for pre-purchase on this website?

      The allocation of Galy 01 units for pre-purchase on this site, from the total edition of 500, is yet to be determined and may change.

      How will be determined which candidates can pre-purchase?

      It may be random, it may be first registered, first served, or any other way at our discretion.

      Pricing and Shipping

      What is the cost of Galy 01?

      The price for Galy 01 on this site is planned to be $750, excluding shipping costs and any applicable taxes at the destination; this information may change.

      How will the purchase and shipping process be handled?

      Details regarding payment methods, shipping costs, taxes, ways of shipping, and order tracking will be provided to eligible pre-purchase candidates before completing their purchase.

      The answers to these questions are only informative, solely to provide a general idea of the process, and they may not be complete or accurate. These answers do not represent a legal commitment. There may be technical or typographical errors in these answers. Any and all use of this website, including without limitation these FAQs, are subject to and governed by the website’s terms of use.

      My order

      Among collectors who made a candidacy for the pre-sale, we will update these ones that can pre-buy and place an order.
      For assistance, [email protected]