Galy 01By Gal Yosef

Galy 01By Gal Yosef

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    Galy 01 gallery*

    *All images of Galy 01 on this site are real photos/videos of the physical collectible. The final edition that collectors will receive may have some light fine tunings decided by Gal.

    Ordering Galy 01

    The numbered limited edition of 500 Galy 01 should be ready to be sold and shipped to collectors by May-June 2024.
    Meanwhile, there will be a partial pre-sale. The price of Galy 01 on the site is 750 US$ + shipping cost + local taxes at destination, if any; these details may be updated.

    • The shipping cost, depending on the delivery address, will be included in the Sub Total to pay and will be known before you complete the purchase.
    • You will pay the local taxes at reception, if any.

    Only one Galy 01 per collector can be ordered on the site.

    Please read well the Term & Conditions being candidate to Pre-Buy your Galy.


    This Q&A section is subject to updates and enhancements, so we encourage you to revisit it in the future for the latest information.

    About Galy 01

    Is Galy 01 a digital/virtual or a physical collectible?

    Galy 01 is a tangible, physical collectible standing 12 inches (30 cm) tall, primarily crafted from PVC. It is a limited edition of 500 units.

    Are the collectibles individually numbered?

    Yes, each of the 500 limited edition Galy 01 collectibles is uniquely numbered.

    Where does the edition number appear?

    The edition number appears in three places: under Galy’s shoe, on the Certificate of Authenticity, and via the NFC link.

    How can I see the NFC link?

    By holding your mobile phone horizontally above the figurine’s shoulders. Ensure your phone is unlocked for this purpose.

    What appears in the NFC link?

    The NFC link provides the edition number, serial number, and private recognition number, which should be kept confidential.

    Pre-Purchase Queries

    I previously made a pre-purchase request; how can I find out if I can effectively purchase Galy 01?

    Candidates for pre-purchase will be directly informed about their eligibility to purchase through the contact details they provide.

    Purchasing Galy 01

    For successful purchasers, when will Galy 01 be dispatched?

    Dispatch for purchased Galy 01 collectibles is planned for the coming weeks; this estimation may be slightly updated.

    Is this website the only way to purchase Galy 01?

    Sales opportunities may be proposed through other channels. We may communicate through social media if deemed relevant.

    How will it be determined which candidates can purchase?

    Selection may be random, first-come-first-served, or any other method at our discretion.

    Pricing and Shipping

    What is the cost of Galy 01?

    The price for Galy 01 is $750, excluding shipping costs and any applicable taxes at the destination, which must be added by the buyer.

    What is the cost of shipping?

    Shipping costs vary by destination and will be added to your order total. You can review and accept the shipping costs before finalizing your purchase.

    How will the purchase and shipping process be handled?

    We handle purchases with a shipping service provider. You will receive all the shipping information at the contact details you provided during the buying process.

    What is the cancellation or return policy?

    Purchase of Galy 01 is final, with no return or cancellation unless a special reason is accepted by Reflection Studios at its sole discretion.

    Can I contact you for any questions I may have?

    Yes, any inquiries are welcomed at [email protected].

    What can be done if the packing for Galy arrives torn or damaged?

    Packaging is only to protect Galy during shipment. There will not be any replacement of the packaging if it is damaged.

    I didn't receive my order; what can I do?

    Please contact us at [email protected], including your details and a phone number so we can reach you.

    My Galy arrived damaged; what should I do?

    Please contact us at [email protected] with an explanation, pictures, and your details, including a phone number to contact you. The double-boxing of Galy should prevent any shipping issues.

    How long can I complain that Galy arrived damaged?

    A complaint concerning a damaged Galy must be sent within 48 hours after receipt.

    How long should it take to receive my Galy?

    Delivery should typically take less than two weeks. In some cases, it may take up to four weeks.

    What entity is making the transaction?

    Reflection Studios LLC.

    Do you provide a Certificate of Authenticity with Galy?

    Yes, each Galy comes with a Certificate of Authenticity inside the box, confirmed via the NFC link.

    Will there be other Galy figurines by Gal Yosef?

    There may be new creations in the Galy family of collectibles.

    Any advice on how to take care of Galy?

    ● Never handle Galy by the head alone; avoid moving the head.
    ● Keep Galy away from direct sunlight in a cool, temperate room.

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    Is the transaction secured?

    Your transaction is secure with Stripe.

    My order

    Among collectors who made a candidacy for the pre-sale, we will update these ones that can pre-buy and place an order.
    For assistance, [email protected]